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Mr. Hale is a roofing specialist with over forty years of experience in construction, quality control, installation, and design consulting on many types of projects. He has extensive experience with project estimation, quality control, maintenance planning, problem evaluation & resolution, design and project management. In 1993 he earned RRC (Registered Roof Consultant) and RRO (Registered Roof Observer) (1998) designations from the Roof Consultants Institute. Working with architects, engineers, roof consultants and contractors has prepared Mr. Hale to look at each roof with his eyes wide open.


Janette Bisbee


Hale Associates LLC was created in 2016 out of Ms. Bisbee’s desire to see roofing done differently. 

Hale Associates stresses that the client’s needs are the most important factor.  The company has been moved forward by Ms. Bisbee’s encouragement of associates to look for new approaches to same old problems.  Ms. Bisbee’s role in the company is to provide daily management and oversight of all company activities.   Working with associate architects, engineers, roof consultants and contractors has prepared Ms. Bisbee to look at each roof with care. Ms. Bisbee’s education and work experience in communications and logistics serves her well.  Communications and team approach is a key to success in construction consulting.

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