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Hale Associates LLC was established in 2016 to provided high quality roof consulting services.  Work with our clients and extensive project experience has lead to innovative methods unique to our industry.  We continually develop and implement inspection, procurement, design and quality assurance systems to meet our clients needs.


Hale Associates LLC utilizes the latest tools, training, and technologies to facilitate the best practices on every project no mater the size or scope.  We have worked with very diverse groups of clients such as Commercial Property Owners, Insurance Companies, Residential, and legal and governmental organizations.  Satisfied clients such as Southampton County Public Schools, Portsmouth County Public Schools, The University of William and Mary, Old Dominion University, Blue Bird Bus Company, and Crossroads Business Park have experienced the personal hands on approach Hale Associates takes with each client.  

The roofing manufacturers and contractors alike choose Hale Associates LLC when truly independent, professional, third party consultants are needed.  Hale Associates LLC provides technical and professional staff that have a history of just reporting the facts.  

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