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Hale Associates LLC was established in 2016 to provided high quality roof consulting services.  Working with our clients and extensive project experience has lead to innovative methods unique to our industry.  We continually develop and implement inspection, procurement, design and quality assurance systems to meet our clients needs.


Hale Associates LLC utilizes the latest tools, training, and technologies to facilitate the best practices on every project no mater the size or scope.  We have worked with very diverse groups of clients such as Commercial Property Owners, Insurance Companies, Residential, and legal and governmental organizations.  Satisfied clients such as Sherwin Williams, Southampton County Public Schools, Hopewell City Public Schools, The College of William and Mary, Blue Bird Bus Company, and Crossroads Business Park have experienced the personal hands on approach Hale Associates takes with each client.  

The roofing manufacturers and contractors alike choose Hale Associates LLC when truly independent, professional, third party consultants are needed.  Hale Associates LLC provides technical and professional staff that have a history of just reporting the facts.  

Mission Statement

Hale Associates LLC was founded to provide roofing related procurement, professional and technical services to building owners.  Hale Associates LLC  will expose owners to the concept of the roof as "a valuable asset" that needs to be managed.  Hale Associates LLC offers new and innovative approaches to the roof evaluation and maintenance concept.  Hale Associates LLC always remains focused on the clients concerns and requirements.  Each project is approach with quality, schedule and cost as equally important.  Hale Associates LLC will remain flexible and tailor our services to our clients needs.  Hale Associates LLC will be an extension of our client's staff.

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Statement of Qualifications

Hale Associates LLC is a full-service roof consulting firm comprised of a diverse group of experienced associates.  The Hale Associates LLC team consists of registered roof consultants, contract administrators, quality assurance observers, and all required support staffing.  Through the involvement of our associate architects and engineers we provide total professional design.


Hale Associates LLC approaches the consultant client relationship with the client as the focus.  We know the needs, concerns and ideas of our clients are the basis from which any project must progress. 


Hale Associates has the specialized experience required to assure the needs of our clients are met regarding roofing, waterproofing and the building envelope.  Utilizing client directed services, we guide every project large or small to a satisfactory completion.


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