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Roof Procurement Service provides an owner with full control over their roofing repair or replacement project. No more “low bid gets the job”.  The owner can award the job to the best contractor, with the best schedule, best safety record and a fair price.  The owner decides what factors in awarding the job are most important.

The services included as part of Roof Procurement Service are the following:

  1. Thorough inspection of the roof(s) with photo documentation and testing provided in an all-encompassing report.

  2. Development of Roof Procurement Plan Document that includes:

    1. Request for Proposal Invitation

    2. General Conditions for Roofing Projects

    3. Scope of Work

    4. Roof Assembly guidelines (if necessary)

    5. Roof Drawing and Measurements

    6. Overview Photographs

    7. Asbestos Testing results (if necessary)

    8. Proposal Submission Forms

      1. Contractor Safety Questionnaire

      2. Proposal Form

      3. Contractor Guarantee

  3. Invited and advertise to contractors the MANDATORY pre-proposal conference.

  4. Conduct Pre-proposal Conference to provide documents and explain the procurement plan, general conditions, and performance requirements.

  5. Review proposals and make recommendation to owner.  Assist with negotiation and awarding a contract.

  6. Provide submittal review and management.

  7. Conduct meeting with owner’s employees and staff to explain project and respond to questions and concerns.

  8. Conduct pre-construction meeting with contractor to review project and final details.

  9. Provide a project start inspection, weekly site visit inspections, review/make recommendations for any change orders, Substantial completion inspection, punch list, and final inspection.

  10. Provide full-time quality assurance inspection along with daily report.

  11. Provide review and process all closeout documents.

  12. Provide project files and photos for complete record in both printed and electronic format.


An owner works with Hale Associates to personalize the Roof Procurement Service to best fit their roofing needs and goals. 



As a building owner/manager, you may ask why do I need a roof quality assurance inspection on my upcoming roofing project?

  • A roof system is made of many different types of materials that have been designed to work together to maintain the roof and building integrity.  When roof materials are improperly installed the results will lead to costly repairs, lawsuits, or entire roof replacement.  Relying on the contractor to provide quality assurance should be a sure bet, but experience has shown that most contractors are not looking out for the owner’s best interests.  They are focused on installing the roof as quickly and at the lowest cost to them possible.

  • There may local/regional requirements to have third party quality assurance on all roofing jobs. 

  • Hiring a third-party roof quality assurance inspector provides you the peace of mind that your roof is going to be installed properly with the correct warrantable materials that were described in the contract documents. 


What is Roof Quality Assurance Inspection?

  • Is an inspection that occurs during installation of roofing materials.  These inspections can occur on a full-time basis, part-time or by spot inspections.  The goal of these inspections is to ensure roofing material installation is being conducted in accordance with contract documents, manufacture specifications and industry standards.


Hale Associates provide the owner timely reports with photography documenting project progress.  Reports are provided to keep you, the owner on top of the job.  Click here to view an example of Hale Associate LLC Quality Assurance Inspection Report. 

Our inspectors are trained and certified to provide you, the client, the best eyes, and ears on the roof.  From the preconstruction meeting through punch list/final inspection, Hale Associates LLC is there making sure you, the client, have the roof you expect installed. 


Inspection, Evaluation, & Reporting

Hale Associates provide a level of inspection and reporting to fit the needs and requirements of the client.  A basic inspection report is all what many clients require.  A basic inspection report provides an owner with a visual inspection, report with photo documentation, general recommendations and estimated budgets.  When conditions dictate, advanced types of reports can be provided to assistant clients in making tough decisions about their roofing needs.

Technical testing and laboratory analysis are required at times to confirm findings.  Neutron thermalization, Infrared, and gravimetric analysis are used when necessary.  Limited asbestos and lead testing are provided when necessary.



Hale Associates is on the cutting edge using a varied of non-destructive moisture testing equipment such as infrared and nuclear roof moisture surveys.  These types of surveys, provide Hale Associates the information to make more educated roof repair or replacement  recommendations.  Moisture testing can also be conducted on newly installed roofs to verify they have been installed properly which will help prevent future problems.

Design & Administration

Working with our associate architects and engineers, Hale Associates provides professional drawings and specifications tailored to the client's project.  Hale Associates provides consulting, administration, and proposal/bid review management for these projects.  The client deserves the best design and administration for their project and we provide it. 


Hale Associates believes that active maintenance programs prevent costly roof replacements or significant repairs.  We encourage all of our clients to develop a yearly maintenance program which includes bi-annual inspections along with quarterly roof/gutter cleanings.



Virtual Roof
Consulting VRC

For many years, roofing manufacturers and contractors have been provided roof virtual roof consulting.  The big difference with Hale Associates LLC is a truly independent third party approach.  We are dedicated to you, our client and focus on providing you the best roofing project for the best price. 

We utilize customized reporting and picture documentation to provide fair and accurate consulting service.  

For years Roof Consulting has been provided through a Roof Consultant being physically on the roof.

Hale Associates has discovered that it is not always required or necessary to be onsite to provide excellent roof consulting. 

The manufacturers, contractors and owners have staff online that can perform online information gathering as guided by the consultant.  

Advances in web conferencing, digital/aerial photography, and real-time electronic communication has made this possible.  



Hale Associates has extensive experience helping owners, contractors, and manufacturers investigate roofs that have developed persistent problems.  Through this process, Hale Associates works to discover if workmanship, design, or materials defects have caused the roof to fail.  Hale Associates analyses  the collected data  and makes recommendations on how to correct the problem.  

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